Breast Augmentation Implant Shapes

Dr. Naidu has created an infographic on breast implant shapes to help you make an informed decision about which type of implant to select for your breast augmentation. The two available implant shapes are round implants and teardrop or anatomic implants. Dr. Naidu describes the differences between the two implants in this informative infographic. Read more about these different implant types, … Read More

Breast Augmentation Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the different incisions that can be made with breast implants? Three incisions are commonly used: the infra-mammary incision, which is located at the crease beneath the breast; the peri-areolar incision, located at the border between the breast skin and the pigmented skin of the nipple-areolar complex; and the axillary incision, which is located within the armpit. 2. … Read More

The Vampire Breast Lift

The Vampire Breast Lift? In the non-ending search for cheaper and faster ways to achieve larger and lifted breasts, some practitioners have resorted to injecting breasts with various fillers, including saline, silicone, fat, hyaluronic acid, and most recently, platelet rich plasma (PRP). Advocates for the use of fillers in the breasts argue that it is ideal for women who wish … Read More

Frequently Asked Questions: Breast Implants

1. How long do breast implants last? Breast implants are man-made synthetic devices, so they will wear out with time.  In general, the shell of the implant begins to wear out at ten years, but in some cases the implant remains intact for 20 years or longer.  In these cases, I recommend leaving the implant alone. 2. What should be … Read More