If I could select a perfect breast implant for my patients, what would it look and feel like?  It would be soft and feel completely natural when placed in the breast.  It would have a low rate of rupture and capsular contracture, the scar tissue which can occur around breast implants.  It would also settle well with time, allowing the … Read More

Dr. Naidu’s Best Friend’s Guide to Breast Augmentation

Are you or know someone who is considering a breast augmentation? Lucky you! Dr. Naidu has created a “Best Friend’s Guide to Breast Augmentation” to help anyone interested in the breast enlargement procedure understand the process from start to finish. Click the image below to download the PPT and learn more about the procedure and learn if its right for … Read More

[:en]Breast Implant Revision[:]

[:en] Breast Implant Revision Although breast implants are very stable devices, patients may require re-operation on their breasts at some point. Studies have shown that some of the most common reasons for re-operation following breast augmentation surgery include capsular contracture, hematoma, seroma, and size change.¹ In my practice, I frequently see patients who present for evaluation of implants which may … Read More