Touching Base

To our dear patients,

First, we hope that you and your families are safe and healthy. Second, we’d like to thank you for your patience while we’ve rescheduled your visits and operations several times. As you know, the situation in New York City was changing almost daily until recently. We are so relieved to see that we are finally moving in the right direction. Please take a few minutes to read through this brief email for updates on re-opening and new office policies.

We can’t wait to see you again soon.


Dr. Naidu

Nadeene, Desiree, & Kristen

Office Visits and Surgery

As you know, Governor Cuomo extended the non-essential business closures to mid- to late May for New York City. Anticipating that this will be late May, we have decided to schedule opening for Monday, June 1. If you have an appointment or surgery scheduled prior to this time, we will contact you to reschedule.

The surgery start date is unfortunately far more tentative. New York State has set specific criteria regarding the resumption of elective surgery which are based on the number of available hospital and ICU beds. I am hoping to begin surgery again in July – but again, this is tentative. We will keep you updated as we receive more information. The two primary facilities where I operate, Manhattan Plastic Surgery and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital, have not been used for the care of COVID-19 patients.

New Office Policies

As you might expect, there will be some mandatory changes in the office moving forward.

office visits: We will be scheduling patients at increased intervals in order to protect you from contact with other patients. The benefit is that you will have more time in the office, if you’d like. Any new office or surgery paperwork must be filled out in advance and emailed to the office – we cannot accept any papers from patients at this time. We will confirm receipt of your documents prior to your visit. Please arrive to the office with a face mask in place – we cannot supply patients with surgical masks as these are still in extremely limited supply and have gone up significantly in price. If you arrive without a mask, we will need to reschedule your visit. Please do not bring visitors with you to your appointment unless you are a minor.

screening: We will greet you at the front desk to provide you with hand sanitizer and a temperature check. You will also need to answer a few questions about your health status prior to being escorted directly into the examination room. We will all be masked and in scrubs during your visits, and will be wearing eye shields and gowns during certain procedures. We hope this doesn’t startle you, but it will protect both patients and staff.

surgery: Once we resume surgery, please expect to see similar policies in place at both the hospital and private facilities. All surgery patients will need to have a nasal swab test for COVID-19 24-48 hours prior to surgery. We will be able to facilitate with testing at that time.

Stay in Touch

The best way to reach us right now is via email. You can reach Desiree for scheduling at, and Nadeene for surgery and scheduling at Kristen, our new nurse whom you may not have met yet, is at

For better or worse, I’ve hit a point in my career where it has become almost impossible to keep up with the flood of emails. Your emails are a priority, however, which is why you’ll often hear back from Nadeene, Desiree, or Kristen if you reach out to me. Please know that I see all of your messages, but need to lean on my staff for help with responding to them as quickly as possible. Thank you. 🙂