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What is LaseMD?

Lase MD is non-ablative laser which resurfaces the skin for brighter skin tone and improved texture.

How does LaseMD work?

LaseMD uses the principle of selective photothermolysis, in which the targeted chromophore selectively absorbs laser energy. The absorbed light damages the targeted lesion or hair follicle without injuring healthy tissues or cells. LaseMd uses a wavelength of 1927 nm, which allows the energy to pass through the stratum corneum to the deep epidermis and dermis.

What problems can be treated with Lase MD?

Areas ideal for treatment include:

  • Pigmentation
  • Photodamage
  • Fine textural abnormalities
  • General skin rejuvenation
  • Skin maintenance

How is treatment performed?

The skin is numbed for 20 minutes with a topical cream. Treatment is performed with a set number of passes based upon your skin type and needs. Following treatment, a serum and masque are applied to soothe and hydrate the skin.

What happens after treatment with Lase MD?

Patients may experience a mild burning sensation for 1-2 hours immediately after the treatment, and redness which lasts for 3-4 days. You may use ice packs to the face to provide relief if needed.

The next morning, gently wash your face and pat the skin dry. Do not scrub or pick at the treated areas. Moisturize daily, but avoid any products which contain retinol, alcohol, witch hazel, alpha-hydroxy acids, or beta-hydroxy acids..

Mild crusts may form which will slough off within 1 week. You should stay out of the sun and use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher daily. Avoid exercise for one week. Increased redness may result from any activity that increases blood flow or body temperature (e.g. alcohol consumption, exercise, sauna).

Possible side effects of LaseMD include:

  • Redness and swelling which usually subsides in 1-5 days
  • Bleeding/crusting which resolves in 5-7 days
  • Pain which typically feels like a sunburn
  • Breakouts


FAQs about Lase MD


What is Lase MD?

Lase MD is a non-ablative 1927 nm Thulium laser that delivers tiny micro beams of heat below the skin. This creates micro channels into the skin to allow delivery of a plant-based mixture of cream with antioxidants and peptides.

How does Lase MD work?

This resurfacing non ablative laser uses fractional energy to rejuvenate the skin. This allows us to customize treatments based on a patient’s goals to rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level by creating micro channels into the skin to stimulate the body’s own healing processes.

Can this treatment be used on darker skin?

LaseMD can be used on all skin types and color, including tanned skin, because the laser bypasses the surface of the skin.

What issues can Lase MD address?

Lase MD helps patients achieve brighter skin tone and improve skin texture. It can address mild to moderate sun damage, age spots, shallow acne scarring, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, uneven skin texture and tone, actinic keratosis, lentigos, freckles, melasma, and benign pigmented lesions.

Which areas of the body can be treated using Lase MD?

Lase MD can be used on any area of the body that has sun damage or signs of aging. The face is the most popular, followed by the neck, décolletage, and even the hands.

Will I need more than one treatment of Lase MD?

This will vary from patient to patient depending on the patient’s skin care goals. A customized treatment plan is put into place at the initial consultation for optimal results. On average, a series of 3 treatments is recommended spaced 2-4 weeks apart, but one treatment can also be highly effective. Lase MD can also be performed within one week of an event for a quick refresh of the skin.

Does Lase MD treatment hurt?

Most patients do not require numbing or any pain medication. The intensity of the treatment varies depending upon the patient’s needs. The laser has been described by patients as warm and tingling.

How long is the downtime following a Lase MD treatment?

Depending upon the intensity of the treatment, most patients experience 6 hours of redness. Make-up can be applied within 24 hours. Patients can return to work immediately and resume exercise the following day.

What side effects can occur following treatment with Lase MD?

Side effects following Lase MD are minimal and typically include redness which quickly fades within 6 hours. Patients may return to normal daily activities without restrictions with 24 hours.

Can Lase MD be combined with other cosmetic procedures?

Lase MD is commonly performed in conjunction with microneedling with radiofrequency. The combination of both devices allows the patient to experience complete skin rejuvenation of the skin from the deep layers of the dermis where collagen and elastin are rebuilt, up to the top layer of the epidermis to help improve tone and texture of the skin with minimal downtime.

How long will it take for me to see my results after Lase MD?

Patients will see a result after one treatment with Lase MD. The most significant results are seen after 10 days and will continue to improve with each treatment.

What is the Lase MD Glo?

All patients treated in our practice receive the Lase MD Glo. This includes the basic treatment with the addition of a customized all-natural organic lotion applied immediately to the skin after the laser treatment. Because the treatment has created tiny microchannels in the skin, the active ingredients are able to penetrate more deeply. A bio cellulose mask is also applied to help improve the absorption of the customized lotion while providing essential hydration to help soothe the skin and decrease downtime.


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