How to massage your breast implants

How to massage your breast implants

How to massage your breast implants Following the implantation of any medical device – pacemaker, hip implant, or breast implant – your body will form a capsule, which is a smooth sheath of scar tissue around the device. The capsule consists of collagen fibers, which in a small number of cases can organize into firm and painful scar tissue which … Read More

Free the Girls

I am thrilled to announce that my practice is now an official drop-off location for Free the Girls, an international 501(c)(3)non-profit organization devoted to freeing women and girls from sex trafficking. Free the Girls collects new and gently used bras and then ships them to ground partners in El Salvador, Mozambique, and Uganda, who then empower girls and women to … Read More

Guest Blog: Sarah Smith on Sunscreens for Acne Patients

5 Sunscreen Lotions for People with Acne Problems If you have acne, then you know that direct sunlight can worsen this condition. It makes your skin even redder and can cause pain and itchiness. A proper sunscreen lotion can protect you from the harmful UV rays. Also, it can prevent it from getting out of hand. Here’s a list of … Read More