Dr. Naidu is very pleased to be able to offer surgical garments designed by VOE. Garments are available in the office for purchase by our patients for use following surgery with Dr. Naidu. If you are not a current patient but would like to purchase a garment, please call us at 212-452-1230 to check availability and pricing.

VOE, SA, based in Barcelona, Spain, is a manufacturer of luxury garments for use following plastic and aesthetic surgery. Market leaders since 1985, they are recognized for their commitment to thoughtfully-designed bras, girdles, and leggings created with outstanding quality. By using fabrics with high memory capacity, they are able to ensure optimal functionality throughout the treatment process, adapting to the new silhouette while offering maximal comfort during use. VOE garments are multi-directional with excellent return capacity which maintains optimal pressure during edema reduction. All garments are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and extremely soft.

They currently offer two manufacturing lines for US customers:

  • VOE cosmetic and plastic surgery garments
  • NUHA bras



Following surgery, a garment with adequate compression can help with reducing edema or swelling which occurs as a result of the surgical process. With targeted compression, scars heal softer and flatter, lymphatic drainage is accelerated, and the body is gently remodeled.

Garment use following surgery is typically divided into two phases:

1st phase: the garments are more compressive and are intended to facilitate drainage of areas of swelling and help remodel the treated areas. VOE 1st stage garments provide optimal compression with flat seams to avoid depressions on the skin. Their garments are also created with three rows of hook and eye closures, which allows the fit to be adjusted as swelling reduces. Zippered garments include a protective skin tab, and a genital opening is present to allow the garment to be worn almost continually. Patients notes that use of the garments assists with reducing pain, providing support of the operated area, and reshaping the figure.

2nd phase: the garment is used to provide a transition from the first phase to the patient’s regular undergarments.



Following surgery of the breasts, a bra with adequate support helps to limit movement of the breasts and reduce tension on the incisions. With use of a support bra as indicated, patients notice gentle support, decreased pain, and thinner scars. VOE NUHA bras are designed without wires and contain cotton and hypoallergenic microfibers to provide optimal comfort during use.  Options available include front and back openings, with zippers or hook and eye closures. All cups are seamless to prevent depressions on the skin. NUHA bras include pockets to allow placement of ice packs if desired following surgery. The bras have adjustable and wide shoulder straps for support. The axillary (armpit) region is also included in the bras to assist with edema reduction in this location.
NUHA bras have specific models for breast augmentation, breast lift, breast reduction, symmastia correction, fat grafting, and breast reconstruction following mastectomy.  Their cotton bras may also be used for everyday use.