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A mastopexy (breast lift) is a surgical procedure designed to lift and reshape the breasts. Following a breast lift procedure with Dr. Nina S. Naidu, women have more youthful-looking breasts and an improved breast profile.

What a Breast Lift in Manhattan Can Accomplish

While performing a mastopexy, Dr. Naidu raises the breasts by eliminating excess skin. She reshapes the breasts by tightening surrounding tissue. This tightened tissue supports the new breast contour. In addition, during a breast lift, Dr. Naidu can reduce the size of the patient’s areolae (the dark-colored skin that surrounds the nipple).

Factors that Affect the Breasts

As time passes, various factors affect the breasts causing them to lose their youthful shape, skin elasticity and firmness.

These factors include:

  • fluctuations in weight;
  • pregnancy;
  • nursing;
  • genetics;
  • the aging process itself; and
  • gravity.

Combination Procedures Available in Manhattan to Improve the Breasts

A mastopexy is not designed to significantly change the size of a woman’s breasts or to round out the upper portion of the breast. However, Dr. Naidu can combine a breast lift with a breast augmentation to provide women with fuller breasts if they wish.

Women who would like their breasts to be smaller should consider a breast reduction.

The Ideal Breast Lift Candidate

A woman who resides in Manhattan, may be an ideal candidate for a mastopexy if she:

  • is physically healthy;
  • has maintained a stable weight for a substantial amount of time;
  • does not smoke;
  • is bothered because she feels her breasts have lost their shape, volume and firmness;
  • has one breast that falls lower than the other;
  • has enlarged areolae that point downward;
  • has areolae and nipples that fall below her breast crease (when not supported by an undergarment); and/or
  • has pendulous breasts with overly stretched skin.

A Consultation for a Breast Lift (Mastopexy) with Dr. Naidu in Manhattan

Women who are considering a breast lift should contact Dr. Naidu’s office to schedule their initial consultation. Dr. Naidu and her medical staff are dedicated to providing each patient with individualized, compassionate and high-quality care.

About The Initial Consultation with Dr. Naidu in Manhattan

Questions that will be asked during the initial consultation with Dr. Naidu at her office in Manhattan, include, the patient’s:

  • surgical goals;
  • previous mammogram/biopsy results;
  • family history of breast cancer;
  • current medications;
  • medical treatments;
  • drug allergies;
  • prescription and over-the-counter medications;
  • medical conditions (hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, etc.);
  • previous surgical procedures;
  • current use of herbal supplements and vitamins; and,
  • participation in recreational drug use, alcohol consumption and tobacco use.

Patients should expect:

  • A breast examination – during this initial consultation, Dr. Naidu will want to examine the patient’s breasts. She will take measurements of the shape and size of the patient’s breasts. In addition, Dr. Naidu will note the quality of the skin of the breasts as well as nipple and areola placement.
  • A general health status evaluation.
  • A pre-existing medical condition and/or risk-factor assessment.
  • Photographs to be taken of her breasts – these photographs are placed in the patient’s file and will not be shared with other patients unless written consent is provided. These pictures assist Dr. Naidu as she creates the patient’s surgical treatment plan.
  • Prior to surgery, patients may be required to visit their general practitioner to receive a release for surgery. In addition, routine lab tests may be ordered (blood work, mammogram, etc.).

Once Dr. Naidu has completed her evaluations and assessments, she will discuss the patient’s options, her recommended course of treatment and likely outcomes of a breast lift procedure. Dr. Naidu will discuss the potential complications and risks associated with breast lift surgery. Dr. Naidu enjoys spending time with her patients and educating them on the various procedures they are interested in learning about. As such, patients should not be hesitant to ask questions.

A Breast Lift Procedure with Dr. Naidu in Manhattan

Dr. Naidu performs breast lift under general anesthesia. Patients need to arrange for transportation to and from the surgery center on the day of their procedure.

A breast lift procedure takes about 1½ hours. Dr. Naidu performs her surgical procedures in an ambulatory surgery center.

The Night Before the Breast Lift Procedure

For safety’s sake, patients are required to fast prior to their surgery; consequently, the night before their surgery, patients must begin fasting at midnight.

The Day of Surgery

Directly before the breast lift procedure, Dr. Naidu meets with her patient. At this time, she makes several marks on the patient’s breasts: These marks are used as a guide during the Mastopexy. As Dr. Naidu prepares the patient for surgery, patients are encouraged to ask Dr. Naidu any additional questions they have about their procedure and recovery.

Once anesthesia is administered, Dr. Naidu will begin the breast lift procedure. Dr. Naidu carefully creates the incisions. Incision placement is discussed with the patient prior to her procedure. Dr. Naidu determines incision location by taking the patient’s anatomy and degree of breast drooping into consideration. Another factor that affects location is whether or not the patient is having a combination breast procedure (breast lift with an augmentation or reduction). No matter which incision option Dr. Naidu uses, scarring is expected; however, with proper care, scars fade as time passes. Furthermore, despite incision choice, Dr. Naidu places the incisions in areas that will help camouflage them.

Three types of incisions used during a Mastopexy:

  1. The Inverted-T Incision (Anchor Lift)

The Inverted-T Incision is utilized when a woman has extensive sagging and requires a combination of three incisions. Dr. Naidu makes an incision around the patient’s areola, then vertically from the areola to the inframammary crease (breast crease at the base of the breast) and along the crease itself.

  1. Vertical Incision (Lollipop Lift)

The Lollipop Lift is performed when a woman has moderate sagging. The Lollipop Lift requires two incisions. The first incision is created around the inner border of the areola and the second extends down the breast, ending at the breast crease.

  1. Peri-Areolar Incision (Donut Lift)

The Donut Lift is performed when a woman has very mild sagging. The Peri-Areolar Incision is created around the inner border of the areolae. Once healed, this incision is well-hidden within the pigmented skin of the areolae.

Excess Skin and Tissue Are Removed

Dr. Naidu lifts and reshapes the underlying breast tissue to improve the contour and firmness of the breasts. She repositions the areolae and nipples to a natural, more youthful-looking height. When necessary, she reduces the size of the areolae by removing excess skin at their perimeters. Excess skin is removed, which compensates for the loss of skin elasticity.

Incisions are Closed

Dr. Naidu brings the incisions together with layers of fine sutures. These sutures will support the patient’s newly shaped and lifted breasts. The majority of the sutures used during surgery are dissolvable and do not require removal.

The Recovery Room Following a Mastopexy in Manhattan

  • Directly following surgery, the patient will awaken in the recovery area. Small dressings will be over the surgical incisions and the patient will be wearing a bra designed to support her breasts. Drains, pumps and special wraps are usually unnecessary following a breast lift procedure with Dr. Naidu.
  • Although the breasts will be swollen following surgery, patients generally notice that their breasts are resting higher on their chest and that they appear perkier.
  • Patients remain in the recovery area where they are carefully monitored until Dr. Naidu releases them to go home with their driver. Patients must have someone stay with them for the initial 24 hours after surgery.
  • Prior to leaving the surgery center, Dr. Naidu provides her patients with a prescription to attain pain medication. Furthermore, patients receive written instructions related to caring for their incisions and physical restrictions.

Recovering from a Mastopexy Performed in Manhattan

  • Each patient is unique; therefore, recovery experiences are as well. However, the majority of Dr. Naidu’s breast lift patients feel well enough to return to work within five days of their procedure. Light activity is encouraged directly after surgery (walking), but more strenuous activity has to be avoided for three weeks.
  • The bra placed directly following surgery is to be worn for two or three days: It will be removed on the patient’s follow-up visit with Dr. Naidu at her office in Manhattan. Thereafter, a supportive camisole or regular bra (without an underwire) will be worn for three weeks.
  • Patients should expect to experience some swelling, which will cause the breasts to appear a bit larger than they actually are. This swelling should subside within four weeks of surgery.

If you are unhappy with the way your breasts look and you are considering a breast lift, augmentation or reduction, please contact Dr. Nina S. Naidu’s office today. As a female plastic surgeon, she understands the importance of a woman’s perception of her own femininity. For this reason, she takes great pride in providing women in and around Manhattan with the breasts they have always wanted. To schedule your initial consultation, please call 212-452-1230 today.


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