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NYC Male Breast Reduction

Male Breast Reduction with Dr. Nina Naidu

Gynecomastia is defined as enlarged or excess male breast tissue, and may affect only one breast or both. While various medications have been associated with this condition, in most cases there is no known cause. Many men feel self-conscious about the size of their breasts, and male breast reduction surgery can help by removing glandular tissue and sometimes excess skin from the breasts. The result is a flatter, firmer chest with an improved contour.

During your initial consultation with Dr. Naidu at her New York practice, she will discuss with you your desires and expectations from surgery. This will include a complete medical history and an examination of the breasts. If a medical problem is suspected as the probable cause, you will be referred to an appropriate specialist.

The specific type of surgery performed is dependent upon the patient’s individual anatomy. Surgery may be performed either with liposuction alone, glandular excision alone, or through a combination of these techniques. In some cases, excess skin may also need to be removed. The procedure takes one to two hours and is performed under general anesthesia in an outpatient facility. You may return home after surgery with a responsible adult.

Following male breast reduction surgery, a compression garment is placed and worn continuously for three weeks. Most patients are able to return to work within 2-3 days. Walking and light activity is permitted the day following surgery, but strenuous activity including weightlifting and sexual activity should be avoided for three weeks to prevent potential bleeding complications.  Swelling will be present for 4-6 weeks, during which time the chest will gradually attain its new contour.  Scars will be noticeable for the initial six weeks, and then will begin to fade, although they will never disappear.  Dr. Naidu will provide you with scar cream to use following your procedure.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in NYC

Enlarged male breasts – technically known as “gynecomastia” – is a psychologically painful condition that makes men feel self-conscious about their chests. Many of Dr. Nina Naidu’s NYC patients report being teased about having breasts, often to the extent that they avoid locker rooms or intimate situations.

Male breast reduction surgery can enhance your self-esteem by removing excess breast tissue, flattening your chest, and creating a more masculine silhouette to your upper body. This is one of the most gratifying surgeries performed by plastic surgeons due to its positive impact on the patient’s self-confidence.

What causes gynecomastia?

Enlarged male breasts occur when there is an excess of the female hormone (estrogen) and not enough of the male hormone (testosterone). Quite often the cause is genetic. You may require additional testing to determine if your enlarged breasts are due to a problem with your pituitary gland, thyroid or other health condition. In this case, medical issues will need to be addressed prior to surgery.

Enlarged male breasts can also be caused by excess weight. Unfortunately, even when excess weight is lost, the breasts may remain stretched and deflated. Dr. Naidu recommends that you be close to your ideal weight in order to achieve the maximum benefit from surgery.

Finally, male breast enlargement can be a side effect of supplements, medications, alcohol and recreational drugs including marijuana. Anabolic steroids, for instance, contain the male hormone testosterone. Testosterone enters the body, converts to estrogen, and can cause irreversible breast growth. Some men are very sensitive to the side-effects of supplements or medications and will experience gynecomastia even on a low dose.

How is Male Breast Reduction Performed?

The first step is to determine whether your male breasts are composed of fatty deposits or glandular breast tissue.

In the case of fatty deposits, gynecomastia is treated with liposuction. Dr. Naidu will use a specially designed cannula to carefully remove fat from your breasts and to sculpt your chest.

If you gynecomastia is caused by glandular breast tissue, surgery will be performed to remove the extra breast tissue. This excess tissue will be removed through incisions around your areola. In patients with severe gynecomastia, the nipple may also have to be repositioned, excess skin removed, and chest muscles tightened. In many patients, a combination of liposuction and breast tissue removal is needed to create ideal results.

Your First Consultation with Dr. Naidu in NYC

The first part of your male breast reduction is a comprehensive consultation in our NYC office. Dr. Naidu will get to know you, learn about how your breasts have affected you, and ask how you’d like your chest to look. Dr. Naidu understands that this experience can be difficult for men who are used to hiding their chests. You will be treated with care and compassion.

Next, Dr. Naidu will review your medical history. Because gynecomastia can be caused by side-effects to medication, supplements, alcohol, nicotine use and recreational drugs, you will need to be honest about your medical history. Dr. Naidu may order additional testing to identify the cause of your gynecomastia.

Dr. Naidu will examine of your chest. She will determine the extent of your gynecomastia and whether your breasts contain fatty deposits or breast tissue. She will also look at your skin quality, as well as how to balance your chest with your body shape.

She will explain your options for male breast reduction surgery and whether you are a good candidate. Dr. Naidu will fully answer your questions and address your concerns about male breast reduction. Dr. Naidu’s goal is to help you fully understand male breast reduction surgery, whether or not you decide to proceed.

Good Candidates for Male Breast Reduction Surgery in NYC

You are a good candidate for male breast reduction if you are embarrassed by excess breast tissue on your chest.  You must have realistic expectations for the procedure, and not have a condition that will impede healing. You also need to have good skin quality. Ideal candidates should have already tried reducing their breasts through diet and exercise and be close to their ideal weight. Male breast reduction candidates must be at least 18 years old.

You must also be willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle following the surgery. This includes maintaining an ideal weight.

We will also take pre-operative photographs. These photographs are an important part of your surgical planning and are considered part of your medical record. They will never be shown to other patients without your written permission.

You will have carefully concealed incision lines on your armpit, chest and/or areola. These scars will fade over time. It is possible to lose some sensation around your nipples, although this usually returns within a year. In our experience, despite these drawbacks, most men are extremely satisfied with the results of their male breast reduction surgery.

Your Second Consultation with Dr. Naidu

If you decide to proceed with your male breast reduction, you will have a second consultation with Dr. Naidu in our NYC office. At this appointment, Dr. Naidu will explain your surgery in detail. You will know the length of your surgery, the location of your incisions, and what to expect during your recovery.

At this appointment, you will complete the necessary paperwork for the surgery.

Depending on your medical history, Dr. Naidu may advise you to discontinue certain medications and supplements prior to surgery. If you are a smoker, you must not smoke for eight weeks before or after the surgery. You must also not wax or shave your chest for two weeks prior to surgery and six weeks following surgery. For your safety, Dr. Naidu will request your medical records and may order additional screening tests.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in NYC

The choice of surgical technique is based on the extent of your gynecomastia, whether your breasts contain fat or breast tissue, the quality of your skin, and your personal preferences.

Male breast reduction surgery takes between 1-2 hours and is performed in a NYC ambulatory surgery center. Dr. Naidu prefers using general anesthesia so that you will be completely comfortable during the surgery.

The evening prior to surgery, you should not eat or drink anything after midnight. This ensures that you have an empty stomach prior to surgery, which is very important for your safety.

You will meet with Dr. Naidu immediately before your male breast reduction surgery. She will make several marks on your chest for use during surgery, as well as answer any additional questions that you may have.

Once you are under anesthesia, Dr. Naidu begins the surgery by making careful incisions. The location of the incisions is determined by your anatomy, the amount of tissue being removed, and your personal preference concerning scars. As much as possible, incisions are hidden in the natural contours of your chest or around the areola.

Once the incision is made, excess breast tissue is removed, lifted and shaped. If needed, your nipple is repositioned and the size of the areola is reduced. Dr. Naidu may also use a specially designed cannula to liposuction excess fat and contour your chest. Incisions are brought together using layers of sutures.

Recovery from Male Breast Reduction Surgery

You will wake up following surgery with dressings on your incisions and a support garment around your chest.

After being carefully monitored, you will be allowed to go home the same day. You must have someone to drive you home and stay with you for the first 24 hours.

Dr. Naidu will also give you a prescription for pain management, as well instructions about how to take care of your incisions. Stitches will be removed within one week. Swelling may persist for up to three months following your male breast reduction. A support garment must be worn 24/7 for four weeks following surgery. It is imperative that you follow your post-surgical instructions.

You will be able to resume most activities within two weeks. You may not lift objects more than ten pounds for two weeks following your surgery. You may not shave or wax your chest until six weeks after surgery. Incisions should be protected from the sun for at least three months following your male breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Naidu is very aware that her male patients are independent and can be reluctant to ask for help. Patients need to understand that male breast reduction is real surgery and that some level of post-surgical assistance will be required. We strongly recommend that you create a plan to take care of yourself and your family, so that you can focus on your recovery.

Complications of Male Breast Reduction Surgery

During your consultation, Dr. Naidu will explain the risks of male breast reduction surgery so that you can make an informed decision. As with other surgeries, the risks include bleeding, infection and scarring. A male breast reduction can result in nipples that are asymmetrical. Some men experience a loss of feeling in their nipples or chest, although this usually resolves with time.

Complications from a male breast reduction can be mitigated by providing a thorough medical history and carefully following your pre-operative and post- operative instructions.

Cost of Male Breast Reduction Surgery in NYC

Please call our office at 212-452-1230 and we will be happy to provide more information about the cost of male breast reduction surgery. You will be provided with the exact cost of your male breast reduction surgery after your first consultation with Dr. Naidu.

Choosing Dr. Naidu for Male Breast Reduction Surgery in NYC

Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery of the breast comprise a large part of Dr. Naidu’s NYC surgical practice. She has a special interest in breast reconstruction. Since 2006, Dr. Naidu has served as a clinical investigator in the Breast Implant Follow-Up Studies (BIFS) trials. Dr. Naidu offers male and female clients breast reduction and reconstruction services. She is also highly skilled with breast augmentation and offers women a full range of breast implants.

Dr. Naidu completed her undergraduate studies at The Johns Hopkins University and obtained her medical degree from Cornell University Medical College. After completing her general surgery and plastic surgery training at New York Presbyterian – Weill Cornell Medical Center, she performed an additional year of fellowship training at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Naidu is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Schedule a Male Breast Reduction Surgery Consultation in NYC

Our office is conveniently located at 1021 Park Avenue in NYC. If you’d like to learn more about male breast reduction surgery – and whether it is right for you – please call our office at 212-452-1230 and schedule an appointment.


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