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What is INFINI?

INFINI is a novel skin rejuvenation device which combines microneedling with high-intensity focused radiofrequency. Energy is delivered directly inside the skin to coagulate collagen, resulting in contraction and the production of new collagen. INFINI is used to treat fine wrinkles, improve skin tone, decrease sebum production in oily skin, and minimize the appearance of pores and scars. INFINI is a long-term tissue rebuilding treatment, not a temporary tissue tightening device.

How does INFINI work?

The High-Intensity Focused Radiofrequency (RF) is delivered directly into the skin via thin insulated microneedles. Insulated gold coated microneedles spare the epidermis from thermal damage to work directly within a specific layer of the dermis, allowing for precise control of fractional coagulation. Radiofrequency energy in some medical devices is used in short intense pulses that oscillate through the skin to heat targeted tissue.

How does radiofrequency (RF) work?

When electricity meets resistance, heat is generated, creating an “electrothermal reaction”. Similarly, when RF meets impedance in the skin, heat is also generated. Skin impedance is resistance that the RF frequency meets in the skin when being applied during treatment. Impedance can vary between individuals depending upon factors including gender, race, age, hydration, etc. Impedance can also vary in the same patient in different body areas.

Pre-Treatment Visit Preparation:

  • patients with a known history of acne breakouts or HSV 1 and 2 lesions should begin prophylaxis treatment with an anti-viral at least 1 day prior to treatment session.
  • on the day of treatment, patients should thoroughly wash their face and not apply any make-up, lotions, sunscreen or any other cosmetics to the skin prior to arriving at the office.

Post-treatment Care:

  • mild crusting may be noted 1 – 5 days following treatment. Crusts will disappear naturally in several days. Do not pick at crusts.
  • avoid harsh topical products and alcohol-based toners for two weeks. Your normal skin care regimen may otherwise be resumed in 24 hours.
  • avoid vigorous activity, excess heat, or sun exposure for at least one week.
  • avoid sun exposure of first day and beginning on the second day, apply a broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunblock with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • allow 4-6 weeks between treatments.
  • best results are seen after 2-4 treatments

Anticipated skin reactions:

  • redness and swelling are normal reactions immediately after treatment and diminishes over 1-3 days
  • pin-point bleeding should stop within minutes after application, discomfort within a few hours
  • crusting begins to appear 1 – 2 days after treatment and sloughs off in 3 – 5 days.
  • mild irritation, itching, and burning may occur and usually resolves within 1 day.
  • Skin will appear brighter with less oiliness in 3-7 days
  • Fine wrinkles and skin laxity begin to improve by 1 month following treatment
  • Continued improvement of fine wrinkles, pores, scars, and skin laxity are seen 1-3 months following treatment

When will I see results after INFINI?

Some patients see results very quickly, but most patients recognize improvement 3 – 4 weeks after the first treatment. As new collagen is deposited, Due to new collagen development, optimal results will be observed from 3 to 6 months following the final session.

Contraindications to treatment with INFINI include the following:

  • poorly controlled diabetes mellitus
  • immunosuppression
  • allergy to anesthetics
  • pregnancy/breast-feeding
  • skin cancer or premalignant moles
  • vascular disease or history of bleeding disorders

Possible complications of INFINI include:

  • acne flare up or herpes simplex activation
  • irritation, itching, burning sensation or discomfort lasting more than a few hours after treatment
  • infection
  • textural irregularity (white bumps) or track marks of raised skin areas surrounding locations where needle pins were inserted into skin. Bumps gradually resolve within 1 to 3 months without further intervention.
  • hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation. Transient skin pigmentation changes may resolve within a few months but may last longer. In rare cases, skin pigmentation changes may be permanent.
  • burn, blister, superficial erosions or scarring (rare)
  • erythema ab igne, an acquired persistent reticulated erythematous and pigmented rash of the skin produced by prolonged or repeated exposure to moderately intense heat or infrared radiation
  • contact dermatitis or irritant dermatitis


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