Tubular breast deformity

Tubular breast deformity refers to a congenital condition in which the breast fails to develop fully.  The ideal breast is round with breast tissue spread out across the chest.  In a tubular deformity, the volume of breast tissue may be normal or deficient, but it is concentrated directly below the nipple.  As a result, the breast may appear long and narrow.  The best treatment for this deformity is to release the constricted breast tissue through radial incisions, which allows the tissue to splay out.  An implant is usually placed to provide additional volume.  In severe cases, tissue expansion of the skin and existing breast tissue may be recommended prior to insertion of the final implant.  The nipple-areolar complex is generally reduced at the same time, and the infra-mammary fold under the breast may also need to be lowered.  If only implants are placed without a release of the tissues, then there will be a breast mound with a deformed and narrowed breast on top of it.  Insurance companies will sometimes cover correction of the deformity, but this varies widely depending upon your insurance company and your policy.

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