What is Kybella?

TARGETING SUBMENTAL FAT It eventually happens to most, if not all, of us.  A tiny bit of extra fat starts to creep up under the chin.  One day, it’s not there, and the next day, you can’t stop staring at it from the reflection of your iPhone. In some cases, the lateral edges of the jawline may become blunted as … Read More

Winter Skincare Routine

Naidu Plastic Surgery carries a line of skincare products to keep your skin hydrated throughout the dry winter season. Find out which cleansers, scrubs, serums, and moisturizers are available and recommended to prevent winter skin damage. [:fr]

The Face of Youth

“Nature gives you your face at twenty. Life shapes your face at thirty. But the face you have at fifty is the face you have earned.” Coco Chanel Yesterday, while performing a minor procedure, I was asked by the patient why so many older women in New York City seem to have overly stretched faces, or faces which have been … Read More

Introducing Juvederm VOLUMA™

What is Voluma™?  Juvéderm Voluma™ XC is facial filler which consists of hyaluronic acid.  This is the first, and only, facial filler which is approved for use in the cheek area to add volume.  The result is a more youthful contour of the cheek.  This is different from Juvéderm XC, which is used to smooth the deep creases around the … Read More

All about the Eyes

  Our eyes contribute enormously to the overall aesthetics of our faces.  As we age, the muscles around the eyes weaken and the skin becomes loose. This may produce drooping skin in the upper eyelids, and bulging fat of the lower eyelids, which creates a tired and sad appearance. Blepharoplasty involves the removal of excess skin from the upper eyelids, … Read More

Options for the Brow and Forehead

  Gravity and changes in the shape and position of our eyebrows can contribute to an aged appearance.  There are many options available for rejuvenation of the brow and forehead.  The least invasive option is Botox®, which uses a medication to relax the muscles of the forehead and brow, to soften vertical and transverse wrinkles.  Ultherapy®, which uses ultrasound to … Read More