The best breast implant size for a given patient is determined by specific measurements taken by Dr. Naidu during a breast augmentation consultation at her New York City practice. These include the base width of the breasts, the amount of stretch of the breast skin, and the amount of breast tissue the patient already has.

While the patient’s goals and desires from her breast augmentation procedure are very important, it is also helpful to understand that an implant which is too large for your tissues can result in excessive skin stretch, which may in turn necessitate further surgery. The edges of very large implants may also be visible under the skin. Excessively large implants can accelerate the effects of gravity, resulting in sagging. These changes may not be reversible.  Similarly, an implant which is too small for your breasts will not adequately fill the tissues, resulting in less fill of the inner and upper aspects of the breasts.

A second consultation is scheduled prior to surgery during which 30-45 minutes are spent in selecting the ideal implant size.  Dr. Naidu will select an implant size which matches your dimensions, and additionally select one size slightly larger and one slightly smaller which can also be accommodated by the patient’s breasts.  The patient will try on samples of these implants with the use of a special sizing bra in the office.  Patients are encouraged to bring one or two form-fitting tops with them to this visit to assist them in making their decision.  The process of selecting the right size is an interactive one in which the patient’s opinion is as important as the surgeon’s recommendation.  The implants selected at this time are the only ones which will be brought into the operating room on the day of surgery; Dr. Naidu will not place smaller or larger implants without your agreement.



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