Effective November 17, 2006, both saline and silicone are FDA-approved for cosmetic use. Numerous trials have demonstrated no increased risk of breast cancer, or connective tissue disease (including lupus, scleroderma, and rheumatoid arthritis) secondary to silicone breast implants. You will have the opportunity to hold and feel both implants during your consultation. The Ideal Implant® is a saline implant with a series of silicone shells, providing a more natural feel than the traditional saline implant.  Each type of implant has its unique benefits and trade-offs:


  • contains a safe, cohesive gel
  • feel more like natural breast tissue
  • requires a slightly larger incision
  • more expensive than saline implants


  • contains a salt-water solution
  • feels firmer than silicone
  • higher risk of visible wrinkling and rippling
  • can use a smaller incision
  • lower price than silicone implants


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